I love painting portraits, but the process of painting my mother was an interesting experience. I knew her face so well. I had snuggled my own face against hers since I first came into this world. I should have been able to paint it with my eyes shut.

But what was I projecting?  When I stood back, she was smiling … yet up close she appeared to be scowling!

Dad complained that I never filled in her pant leg. I told him, “That’s because my relationship with Mum isn’t finished!” Mum liked it, but Dad grumbled about it all the time.

Virginia & baby

When I look at the painting now, I feel I’m in the presence of my mother.  I no longer see a scowl—I just see her smiling and I feel her love.

I guess Dad would say my relationship with my daughter isn’t finished yet, either … since I never filled in her shirt.





One response to “Portraits

  1. I just adore your painting of my mom , MARY , And in your own words , I am lucky enough that it is isn’t ” finished “either.
    Thank you PLUM for a great painting that has her amazing ,presence ,–her one of a kind spirit . Something strong , that will stand the tests of time. We all love! our painting of our Mom . The 3 Bunnett grown up ” Kids. “SARAH PETER and JANE

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